Kyra Norman

Movement.  Connection.  Place.  

I work in dance, theatre, film and contemporary visual arts contexts, as an artist, performer, choreographer, researcher, educator, facilitator and instigator of ad hoc* events:

the rough, the smooth, the thoughtful, the frivolous, the raw and the cooked

Find out more about me, here

Current work is mainly divided between two projects, Distant Dances and Deep Time Moving: see project pages, below, for details

the Other Work link takes you to info on some of my favourite collaborations, performance work currently in development, and participatory/ teaching work - I'm gradually adding past projects to this area of the site (slowly, slowly, no rush is there)

Main thing!  See Events link, below, for things to join in with - come move, observe, imagine, connect, respond, wonder, shift

* ad hoc: meaning "the necessary... whatever is needed - something that has been formed or used for a special and immediate purpose, without previous planning"